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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
My Name is Peggy..I am a 14 year old pinto pony that loves to party! I was found by my present owner back in 2002 at a farm where no one paid any attention to me anymore. I was taken to my new home as she instantly knew there was something very special about me. I began my "career" with my owner giving rides for charity at a "Safety Day" with the West-Carleton Volunteers of the Ottawa Police. From there, I have provided many more smiles for children. I have not only taught kids how to ride, how to take care of an animal, but have created many wonderful and lasting memories! I have such a great temperament, love kids very much and especially appreciate all of the attention I get now! I LOVE TO PARTY!!! I GUESS YOU COULD REALLY CALL ME A PARTY ANIMAL! HA

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mackenzie! My first party this year!

Mackenzie invited me to her 6th birthday today - we were so lucky! It rained yesterday, but, was nice today - a bit muddy, but, it's April! April showers bring May flowers!
Mackenzie and her friends decorated real horseshoes while they were waiting for their turn for a ride..... did you know that you should always hang a horseshoe with the open side up? That way, it keeps your luck in :)

Mackenzie, thank you so much for inviting me..I had such a great time and a lot of laughs with you and your friends...(one little girl kept laughing at me when I was snorting/blowing through my nose). Ha, haa!!!!

Me and My Wonderful Friends!

Me and My Wonderful Friends!
Jack, Beth and Peggy...Beth was my first riding student! Remember going swimming Beth???