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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
My Name is Peggy..I am a 14 year old pinto pony that loves to party! I was found by my present owner back in 2002 at a farm where no one paid any attention to me anymore. I was taken to my new home as she instantly knew there was something very special about me. I began my "career" with my owner giving rides for charity at a "Safety Day" with the West-Carleton Volunteers of the Ottawa Police. From there, I have provided many more smiles for children. I have not only taught kids how to ride, how to take care of an animal, but have created many wonderful and lasting memories! I have such a great temperament, love kids very much and especially appreciate all of the attention I get now! I LOVE TO PARTY!!! I GUESS YOU COULD REALLY CALL ME A PARTY ANIMAL! HA

Sunday, June 3, 2007

My Day at Brynn's

I attended a wonderful birthday party today! It was Brynn's 7th birthday and it was such an awesome time! She had lots of really nice friends who liked to giggle a lot. Brynn's house had a huge backyard...nice, long grass for me to eat when I was waiting to give rides! I enjoyed watching everyone slide down the big blow-up slide and really liked their above-ground pool...it made me want to go for a swim!
I especially liked it when all the girls groomed my mane and tail, and brushed my coat..it felt so good and I looked so nice!
Thank you Brynn and friends..I will never forget this special day!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Athena!

Today, I attended 5 year old Athena's birthday party! She was dressed up with "Princess" attire - I had fun walking down Athena's quiet street with her brothers walking along beside us and taking pictures! I think she really enjoyed all the people who waved at her! Thank you so much to her brother who gave me carrots, apples and some water, and gave my owner some of the delicious cake! Thank you again! I had so much fun!!!! P.S. Sorry it was so windy and your cowboy hat kept blowing off :)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Madison is Five Today! Yippee

Surprise, surprise for Madison! She didn't even know I was coming! What a nice big smile on Madison from start to finish! We had a lovely day..the weather was perfect! Madison and her friends were so excited to see me! I LOVE surprises! And I especially love to see happy faces! Madison had such a cool backyard and all her friends were collecting bugs while waiting for their turn on me....or else, they were splashing in their pool! It looked quite refreshing! I hope you had a wonderful day as I did....and that you got the special surprise that I left at your door - hope you like pink! :)

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Isabella!! So much Fun!!!

Isabella (aka Bella) turned four today and I got to go to the birthday!! Thank you, thank you for inviting me!!!! It was so much fun!!! We walked up and down the street and each person got to pick the name of the next rider, so, it was a surprise each time! What a great idea!!!! I even think that I got on video! Woohoo - I'm a star!!!!!!
Bella, thank you very much for putting a big smile on my face! Such a great day!!! Hope you liked the horse toy that makes a sound!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Happy Birthday Maya

Today I attended Maya's birthday! It was fantastic!!! We had balloons, horse decorations, games and grooming - was it ever windy, though! Maya and her friends decorated horseshoes, and my owner and I had lots of laughs with each rider. My owner thinks that Maya's sister and friend should definitely do a comedy show! They are pretty funny!

Everyone would laugh too when I would whinny every time I saw my reflection in the window - you'd think after a while I'd figure out that there wasn't another horse looking at me!! I'm so silly at times!

Thank you so much Maya and all the best!!! I like your dog's name....Sunshine!!! How cute!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mackenzie! My first party this year!

Mackenzie invited me to her 6th birthday today - we were so lucky! It rained yesterday, but, was nice today - a bit muddy, but, it's April! April showers bring May flowers!
Mackenzie and her friends decorated real horseshoes while they were waiting for their turn for a ride..... did you know that you should always hang a horseshoe with the open side up? That way, it keeps your luck in :)

Mackenzie, thank you so much for inviting me..I had such a great time and a lot of laughs with you and your friends...(one little girl kept laughing at me when I was snorting/blowing through my nose). Ha, haa!!!!

Me and My Wonderful Friends!

Me and My Wonderful Friends!
Jack, Beth and Peggy...Beth was my first riding student! Remember going swimming Beth???